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Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken (2019) – A Revisited Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock opens  fast food chicken shop. Yup the guy who ate nothing but McDonalds for a month goes after the fast food industry again to dispute their claims that it is now healthier, more natural and organic. Holy Chicken may lack the humour and originality of the original Super Size Me but it doesn’t lack any of the bite as Spurlock goes after everything from the marketing to distribution to Big Chicken, breaking down just how flawed and fake the industry really is.  In short Super Size Me 2 is super entertaining but we’ve seen this before which ultimately takes away a degree of the films bite.

Best Bit: The grand opening

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream

If You Liked this Try: Super Size Me, McLibel, Food Inc

7 out of 10 stars


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