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Free Guy (2021): Review by Grosse Point Geek

Plot In a Nutshell:

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a background character in one of the worlds most popular computer games – Free City. He of course is completely unaware of this and lives a blissfully ignorant life working as a bank teller all the while happily surrounded by gunfights, car chases, explosions and helicopters. That is until he accidently acquires a set of glasses that show him what Free city really is, resulting in him becoming more self aware and wanting to change his life completely.

What worked?

Ryan Reynolds is very good in the central role, effortlessly bringing the charmingly daft Guy to life with a series of pratfalls, funny one liners and wide eyed innocence. He is helped no end by the excellent Jody Comer (in her Hollywood debut) who is superb as the films female protagonist, indeed there are times when she  almost steals the whole thing from under Reynolds nose with some great individual scenes plus more than holds her own in the action stakes.

Its also well directed by Shawn Levy (Real Steel)  and features some are some inventive effects and set pieces  .

What could have been better?

Tonally its all over the place   -entire swathes of the film feel like its aimed at the average 10 year old then there are other parts that’s have a decidedly more adult edge to them  – one scene in particular has Reynolds character weirdly dropping the F-Bomb plus another features a very violent bank robbery, then theres an out of place and very shoehorned in cameo by Channing Tatum that makes little to no sense at all.

Then there is Taika Waititi  – oddly cast as the films bad guy (a sort of Zuckerberg/ Elon Musk hybrid) who makes great efforts to be funny and evil but merely comes off as annoying, silly and very miscast. I say this with some reluctance as I am a big fan of Taika Waititi but he does himself no favours here.

Finally the plot is not particularly original   – and  seems mostly lifted from Tron, Ready Player One and the Matrix to name but three.

Review Summary:

Good in parts, certainly funny and entertaining , plus its well-directed with some top notch SFX.  Reynolds is always good value and throws himself in to proceedings with gusto  – Jodie Comer is excellent and once again shows what a talented actress she is. However Waititi is miscast and far too OTT to be effective,  the plot is somewhat formulaic and overall despite being never less than entertaining  I did find Free Guy to be a tad forgettable.


5 out of 10 stars


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