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Friends: The Reunion (2021) – A Quick Capsule TV Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Friends: The Reunion was designed as a launch platform for the (then) new HBO Max streaming service.  Delayed by the pandemic, the special now arrives a year later and it’s everything you expected it to be – a schmaltzy, well produced and pretty shallow look back at one of TV’s greatest shows.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good fun – it was, in fact the two hours flew by and brought back a bundle of great memories BUT it does fail to address some of the more controversial moments of the show (not least some of it’s less than modern take on sexuality and gender politics).  BUT was that ever what we wanted from this show?  Not me.  I wanted the tears, I wanted the schmaltz and I wanted the hugging.  After the year it’s been, I ask you just WHY would you ask for anything else?

Best Bit: The quiz!

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Stream

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8 out of 10 stars


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