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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020): Review by Grosse Point Geek

Plot in a nutshell:

Living the quiet life in Washington and occasionally stopping the occasional crime whilst dressed as her alter ego Wonder Woman, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) finds herself having to prevent the end of the world which has been triggered by a smarmy businessman (Pedro Pascal) after he uses an ancient cursed stone to grant his every wish, then if that wasn’t bad enough her shy retiring co worker (Kristen Wiig) has also used the stone to turn into an invincible killing machine called ‘The Cheetah’.  Its now up to Diana and a miraculously resurrected Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to save the human race and prevent Armageddon.


What worked:

Gal Gadot is once again superb as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, throwing herself into every action sequence with aplomb and displaying a wonderful empathy, vulnerability and depth that makes her character so likeable. The returning Chris Pine is also first class, giving a fantastic performance that is both funny, heroic and tinged with just the right amount of pathos and tragedy.

Then there is the action  –  most of which is excellent – of note the opening sequence in Themyscira featuring a young Diana competing in a death defying athletic event is brilliantly handled along with a very exciting mid film desert chase scene that is a clear homage to Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


What could have been better:

Despite a lot of positives I have to say that there was a fair bit that didn’t work. To begin with the two and half hour running time was way too long and meant that the film sagged badly in middle.

Then oddly there also wasn’t enough of Gadot as Wonder Woman  -indeed entire swathes of the film feature her as simply Diana Prince either mooning over Steve Trevor or strutting about in all manner of fashionable dresses and expensive shoes. Finally, despite delivering pretty good performances, both Pascal and Wiig were simply not convincing enough as the principal villains  – Pascal plays it too smarmy and pantomime and Wiig’s character is nothing we haven’t seen before from the likes of Jim Carrey in Batman Forever, Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns and Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spiderman 2 – I.e.  an initially downtrodden, shy, socially awkward geek that by quirk of fate tuns into a super villain with limitless powers  – and this really annoyed me as surely by now the powers that be at the studios can think of something better for their bad guys??????????????


Review summary:

Certainly good in parts, well directed with some great action and lovely performances from Gadot and Pine,  and its a film that will definitely appeal to young girls (I have no doubt my two nieces will love it)   – however it cant touch the original film and to be frank the whole affair is badly let down by a ridiculously long running time, two weak villains and not enough of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.


Available to stream on Amazon Prime and Sky Box Office for about £15.99


6 out of 10 stars


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