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Rogue (2020): Review by Grosse Point Geek

Plot in a nutshell:

A team of mercenaries (let by…wait for it…Megan Fox….yes her) rescue the kidnapped daughter of the local state governor from a gang of evil human traffickers somewhere in a remote part of Africa.

When the mission goes badly wrong, the team find themselves running for their lives, and finally hole up in a seemingly abandoned compound.

Low on ammunition and with only small calibre handguns, knives and makeshift spears to defend themselves with, they prepare to face off against the traffickers who have caught up to them and also contend with an enraged rogue lioness who is hellbent on picking them off one by one.

What worked:

Though woefully miscast, Megan Fox is actually quite good in the lead role and more than holds her own in the action stakes. Speaking of action – this is where the film impresses the most – especially in the last 20 minutes which, to be fair, contains a pretty good battle with lots of blood drenched violence. The whole thing is also well shot with some nice photography and the no name supporting cast do well with their somewhat paper-thin characters.

What could of been better:

The casting of Megan Fox is ridiculous in the extreme as she really doesn’t look like someone who would be leading a hardened gang of mercenaries (the lipstick and eyeliner kinda gives it away) but as mentioned she does quite well in the role and because of this it didn’t matter too much that she was so obvioulsy  miscast.

However what did matter a great deal and absolutely made my blood boil was the stunningly shoddy SFX used to create the rogue Lion. The so-called CGI on show here was quite possibly the worst ive seen since Henry Cavill’s digitally removed moustache in Justice League and just because Rogue is a low budget direct to dvd film it in no way excuses the awful effects seen here – unconvincing and staggeringly piss poor doesn’t even cover it  – in fact the poor lion ends up looking like nothing more than a moth eaten teddy bear that moves about like something off a bad episode of Doctor Who.

Review summary:

Rogue passed the time well enough; Fox and the rest of the cast give it their all and on the whole the action and death scenes are pretty good – however the whole thing is badly let down by the utterly ham-fisted CGI used to create the lion and in fact is so shamefully awful that whoever created it should never be allowed to work in film again.

Worth a look but try not to laugh at the CGI lion


4 out of 10 stars


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