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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020): Review by Kazakhstan Movie Critic

Borat 2: Electric Boogaloo had been-a taken by different moviefilm. So sequel to Borat first moviefilm went with title easy people of Kazakhstan to recall; not so much USA. Hallo, my name-a not-a Borat, my name-a M’Mumbah Brokan Intoo, I am number 2 moviefilm critique in all of Kazakhstan; it’s-a not bad. Today I write review for new moviefilm, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, because it-a very nice! Dis is how sequel to Borat should-a be made, after 14 year since first film, Borat is released early from sentence of hard labour, for humiliate Kazakhstan in first moviefilm (he make America think we retarded, despite all retards locked in cage when US make inspection).


He is sent back to US and A during Democrat hoax of corona veerus to bring gift of sexy monkey to vice premier, Michael Penis, so Mr Penis and premier McDonald Trump welcome Kazakh leadership into big boy club. But Borat daughter, the oldest non-married woman in all of Kazakhstan at age 15, follow him to US and A, and Borat want to give her as gift of wife to Mike Penis. Borat Previous Moviefilm I like, was-a great success, it-a make me laugh. And Borat Subsequent Moviefilm also make me laugh, it-a very clever and disgusting, not afraid to show girl in period-covered-panties, and picture of naked man.


But-a film not just rely on make disgust, it-a make-a clever joke about-a republican and conspiracy enthusiast. Borat must make disguise because America recognise him after first moviefilm big success, this answer my question how subsequent moviefilm get away with make public harassment of America public. I cannot give away movie jokes, but it-a very funny and have reason to exist. It-a worth-a wait, not make recycle of previous moviefilm jokes, but make it own.


Borat daughter make scene-stealer as woman who learn to drive car without implosion, and speak without first be spoken to be superior male. The satire on America political shit show-a genius, jokes make double funny if you make keep up with da news. It-a pleasantly cringey and humiliate, and is sure to bring lawsuit to Jew hollywood man with girl name, Sacha Baron Cohen. All of it build to ending that-a make me laugh, I no say why, you have to watch, but it-a very funny.


I no know what else to say, so uh… bang bang, skeet skeet, n***a. Borat Subsequent moviefilm-a very nice. It-a fast paced and I would like very much recommend this film. It-a funny see innocent American fools fall for dis shit a second time; high-five! Thank you read my review, I must now make leave, my retard brother asleep and I now make-a sexy time before he wake.


This review was approved by the Kazakh minister of propaganda.


8 out of 10 stars


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