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Podcast: Ross And Phil Talk… Tenet & Our Top Christopher Nolan Films

Podcast Alert! On this episode of the podcast we talk about the film that saved cinema (Tenet), break down our Top Christopher Nolan Films and talk about the most recent films we’ve watched.  Warning: Mild Spoilers for Tenet.

Hosted by Award winning filmmaker Ross Boyask and blogger/writer/failed former filmmaker Phil Hobden.

Discussed: Tenet, The Dark Knight, Inception, Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, Cobra Kai, Retroactive, You Only Live Twice, Crown Vic, Hard Kill, Mission: Impossible 2, The New Mutants, Insomnia, Dredd

For more on Ross Boyask search @RossBoyask on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Also check out @EvoFilmsUK online.

For more on Phil Hobden check out , Twitter (@PhilQuickReview) and Instagram (RossAndPhilTalkMovies)

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Ross And Phil Talk Movies... two friends, filmmakers (well former in Phil's case) coming together to make one awesome podcast.

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