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The Last Boy Scout (1991) – A Hall of Fame Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Much maligned on its original release and a commercial bomb, the Tony Scott directed The Last Boy Scout is well over due for a reappraisal in my opinion.  Back in the day when Bruce Willis gave a fuck, when Shane Black was best known for Lethal Weapon rather than Iron Man and when action films did things for real, The Last Boy Scout stood out even then as a class above.  A buddy action comedy with great action, a sharp script, short but packed runtime and a cast firing on all cylinders… I honestly never understood why this wasn’t heralded as the 90’s classic I always thought it was.  Rewatch it.  It’s brilliant.

Best Bit: The script.

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy

If You Liked this Try: Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Iron Man 3, Die Hard


8 out of 10 stars



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