Phil's Quick Capsule Review

Your Opinion Sucks Life In Movies… (Best Film from EVERY Year I’ve Been Alive)

A look at the BEST films, one from each of my years on this planet…. starting with 1994!


The 90’s

1994: Pulp Fiction
1995: Se7en
1996: Breaking The Waves
1997: Jackie Brown
1998: Saving Private Ryan
1999: Fight Club


The 2000’s 

2000: Sexy Beast
2001: The Fellowship Of The Ring
2002: The Two Towers
2003: The Return Of The King
2004: Evolution Of A Filipino Family
2005: Earthlings
2006: United 93
2007: There Will Be Blood
2008: The Dark Knight
2009: Antichrist


The 10’s 

2010: Les Sept Jours Du Talion
2011: The Tree Of Life
2012: Django Unchained
2013: Captain Phillips
2014: Godzilla
2015: Mad Max Fury Road
2016: I, Olga Hepnarova
2017: Dunkirk
2018: The Miseducation Of Cameron Post
2019: Ad Astra






Your Opinion Sucks

What’s the difference between a film critic and a film maker? A film maker actually knows when to shut up, which certainly explains my big mouth.

Partial to the weird and the grotesque, James is a wannabe filmmaker and actor, who got lucky and allowed to review some pictures, the Donnie in Will and Phil’s bowling team, forever on a quest flex the truth... that your opinion sucks!