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Demolition Man (1993) – A Rewatched Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Demolition Man was one of the more memorable of the early 90’s action films, grabbing Snipes and Stallone at the height of their box office powers whilst delivering some top notch carnage and a smart satirical edge all the way. Add in Sandra Bullock at her most adorable, a strong support cast and Stuart Baird’s tried and tested action editing and you were always onto a winner.  But does it hold up all these years later? Well actually yes.  The action is still solid (devoid the the over editing that would plague the genre) , the performances knowing and the pace pretty relentless.

Best Bit: “You have been fined”

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If You Liked this Try: The Running Man, Tango & Cash, Total Recall, Robocop 

8 out of 10 stars



Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

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