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Bloodshot (2020): Review by Grosse Point Geek

Plot in a Nutshell:
A crack US Marine (Vin Diesel – one dimensional) and his wife (Tallulah Riley – hideously miscast) are kidnapped and murdered by a shadowy bunch of mercenaries, all is not lost though as here comes Dr Guy Pearce (sleepwalking) and his trusty advanced nanobot technology and hey presto big Vin is rebuilt as an unstoppable, unkillable super soldier armed with the ability to instantly heal himself every time he gets shot, knifed or blown up. I could go on but as you have probably guessed from here on in there are a lot of fights, explosions and more than a fair share of slo-mo shots of Diesel looking hard as nails and really pissed off.

What worked?
The effects are pretty good, one or two of the action scenes are well handled and there is a fairly clever plot twist halfway through that wasn’t bad at all.

What could have been better?
The action tries to be inventive but is mostly bland and fails to excite, the baddie and the rest of the supporting cast are faceless non entities, plus there is the glaring problem that Diesel has not one iota of charisma and simply cant act –  and (with the notable exception of the Riddick trilogy) he’s no different here than he was in every other action film he has ever made:

frowns a lot? – check

looks constipated?  – correct

Wears a vest showing off his abs? Yep

Thinks he is making Shakespeare? You betcha

Rest of the cast just there for the money? Absolutely

Review Summary:

Vin tries his best but proves once again that he simply cannot compete with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Arnie or even John Cena in the charisma stakes, not only that but the story is one we’ve seen many times before particularly in Robocop and Universal Soldier.

On the whole this is just a forgettable film that passed the time well enough but is really is bit of a waste of time and effort – which as always, is a bit of a shame.


4 out of 10 stars


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