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The Boyask Awards

Ross & Phil Talk Movies Present: The 2020 Boyask Awards for Action In Movies

‘The Boyasks’ (named for our very own Action obsessed Ross Boyask) pick up on what the Academy, BAFTA’s and Globes miss out… acknowledging the performance, craft and skill of action & stunt performers and cinema. Last year Mission Impossible: Fallout swept the board in at the 1st Annual Boyask Action Awards, with Tom Cruise & Loren Janes entering the Hall of Fame.

This year Ross breaks the rules, doesn’t nominate in a category and try to nominate Dolomite for almost everything. We also, on reflection, decide that 2019 wasn’t a GREAT year for action films.


You can listen to the full podcast here


Winners Highlighted in GREEN


(Criteria: Films released in the UK between 1st Jan and the 31st December 2019)

Best Action Sequence
Rambo: Last Blood – Finale 

Angel Has Fallen – Truck Chase
6 Underground – Apartment Escape


Best Fight Scene
Avengement – Finale
Avengers: End Game – Cap v Cap
John Wick 3 – John Vs Raid Guys


Best Stunt Sequence
None. We REALLy couldn’t come up with one.


Standout Action Performer of 2019
Brad Pitt – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
Mark Dacascos – John Wick 3
Jessica Roth – Happy Death Day 2U


‘Holy Shit’ Moment of the Year
Shazam – The Family
Dolemite Is My Name
Rambo: Last Blood – Decapitated Head

Special Mention: John Wick 3 Knife Fight (Phil)



Comeback of The Year
Quentin Tarantino – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


Best Blockbuster Film
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


Best DTV Film
Dolemite Is My Name
Triple Threat 


Hall Of Fame – Class Of 2020
Jeff Imada (Phil)
Al Leong (Phil)
Vic Armstrong (Ross)


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