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Best Film of The Decade (2010-19): Mad Max: Fury Road

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
So first time around I wasn’t blown away with Fury Road.  I found it repetitive, a bit dull and hated the way the film sidelines it’s titular character for most of the film.  Two years on… I finally got it.  A few years after that… well Mad Max Fury Road is not only actually rather brilliant but it’s also my film of the decade.  From it’s practical effects that carry weight and danger to it’s almost relentless action, Mad Max is a visually stunning ride that packs punch after punch after punch.

Theron is superb, Hardy is good (but still too muted for my taste) and the support cast memorable.  So the film STILL feels like it’s  Furiosa: Fury Road rather than a Mad Max film but oddly second time around i’d even say Max works better in a support role.  So I’m a big man who can admit his mistakes… Fury Road is a modern classic.

Best Bit: Action. Lots of it.

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy

If You Liked this Try: Mad Max, Mad Max Beyond ThunderDome, Mad Max The Road Warrior 

9 out of 10 stars





Phil Hobden

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