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Phil’s 5 Best Films of 2019 (Redux)

And that’s it.  Another year in the rear view mirror and another reason to take a look back at the BEST, WORST and, well, others of 2019.  So here it is… my pick of the Best Films of 2019.



Film of The Year: Joker

In Brief: Any other year Booksmart would have smashed this but this wasn’t any other year and Joker, arriving on the back of a great trailer but with lots of questions, delivered time and time again.  Edgy, dark, brutal, uplifting, odd… Joker was a rare beast that was critically and commercially loved.

2. Booksmart

In Brief: Smart, funny, charming – Booksmart was a special film that deserved to be a MUCH bigger hit than it was. Go on go watch it over Christmas.  You won’t regret it.

3. Avengers: Endgame

In Brief:  Better than Infinity war?  For me yes.  Yup it’s flawed with some pacing issues and yup it’s probably a bit long but man Endgame had a lot to go and for me it did it in spades.  A worthy end to a decade of story.


4. The Irishman

In Brief: Scorsese gets the gang back together and this time add’s Netflix money.  It’s bold, it’s cutting edge and it’s really bloody long.  But The Irishman is an epic story shot how he wanted by a master director.  This is cinema (even if ironically it ended up not being…)


5. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

In Brief: I’ve not LOVED a Tarantino film since Jackie Brown.  Finally Once Upon A Time In Hollywood reminded us that Tarantino CAN be a master filmmaker, even if he still needs a better producer to reign in those excesses (feet shots anyone?)

And then there was 6-10 (*and a few near misses!)…

6. Rocketman – Freddie one year, Elton the next.  In honesty Rocketman is a better film – it’s more creative approach far more at ease with it’s subject matter.

7. Spider-Man: Far From Home – 
A very different Marvel sequel that takes Spidey outside of New York and throws in one of Marvel’s more interesting villains. It all equals a lot of fun and a much needed lighter film after Endgame.


8. Knives Out – Funny, silly and with Daniel Craig actually looking like he’s enjoying himself there’s LOADS to love about Rian Johnson’s post Star Wars palette cleanser.  


9. Happy Death Day 2U – A sequel that ends up almost topping the original with some lovely new ideas and a more sci-fi bent to the previous’ horror genre efforts.

10. The Peanut Butter Falcon – 
A total surprise, The Peanut Butter Falcon is an odd slice of coming of age fun that could easily have not worked as well as it did.


Bubbling Under:  How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World , Rambo: Last Blood, Tucked, Toy Story 4, Shazam, Missing Link, The Lion King, Long Shot, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Pokemon Detective Pikachu





Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden is the former Film Editor & Writer for renowned martial arts focused COMBAT MAGAZINE in the UK. He is also a filmmaker in his own right, having produced two cult Independent action films in LEFT FOR DEAD and TEN DEAD MEN. He was the host for the award nominated Filmsploitation podcast for 4 years, currently co-hosts Ross And Phil Talk Movies and is a writer/editor for his own blog Phil's Quick Capsule Review...