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Immersive Wolf of Wall Street – A Quick Capsule Theatre Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
So let’s be honest – is this the most polished, high budgeted, slick theatre show you can see in London? Hell no. But does it have a super enthusiastic cast, some cracking scenes and a whole load of FUN interaction and silliness? Yup. And for that I both commend and, ultimately, recommend this show. One tip – if you’ve never seen the film or like my oft partner in crime Ross think it’s one of the most disgusting and pointless things ever – steer clear for this is excess, OTT, in your face immersive Wolf as you’d expect and , I guess for me, hope. Yup it has issues – it’s a bit disjointed, not all the cast are firing to the same level and we certainly missed a few bits as we branched off into two separate groups. But considering some of the less than favourable reviews I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Best Bit: Our first chat with Danny, Jordon & Team in the club house

Attend, Avoid: Attend

If You Liked this Try: Secret Cinema, The Immersive Great Gatsby

7 out of 10 stars




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Phil Hobden

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