Secret Cinema: Casino Royale (2019) – A Not So Quick Capsule Review

Secret Cinema: Casino Royale (2019) – A Not So Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review: I’ve always wanted to attend a Secret Cinema. I missed Star Wars, Back To The Future and 28 Days later (all top 15 films for me) but when the opportunity came up to be Bond, and especially within the gambling world of Casino Royale, I thought this was the one. This is my Secret Cinema.  I should have waited. 

Secret Cinema Casino Royale is a massive bust. From it’s hot as hades out out London location to its total lack of immersion and cohesion, it feels little more than an over subscribed under planned money grab.  A way to funnel you into the expensive drinks and food (actually not bad tasting). An hour in I had no idea what I was meant to do, where I was meant to go or how to get involved. It was overcrowded, the few actors where swamped and few seemed to care. 

By hour two when the Casino was revealed I was bored and less than excited by the overcrowded two play tables and bad dancing on stage. The best dressed competition was a real low point. 

At least the film is still one of Bonds best. 

But as it turns out this is also one of the worst way to watch a movie. For a company priding itself on its ‘experience’ and love of film the constantly getting up to go to the bar drunk people, noisy bar area and crashing catering staff almost take away the fun of seeing the film on the big screen. The interactive actors did little to enhance the experience. Oh and worst of all the version they projected here skipped numerous times. Criminal. 

Overall a big double oh no and certainly not an experience I’d recommend. 


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