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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Tarantino’s Best To Worst Films (So Far!)

With Once Upon A Time In Hollywood out this week, Phil takes a look at the Best To Worst of Quentin Tarantino‘s DIRECTED films to date…  


Best: Jackie Brown

It’s Tarantino’s best work, restrained like never before (but brutal when it needs to be), it’s a great adatpation of a good book and is cast to perfection with the story & directyion being the highlight not the dialue or the actors.


2. Pulp Fiction

It’s brilliant and a classic.  The fact I cant watch it after seeing it too much at University isn’t the films fault but whilst it’s flashy and expertly done, I still prefer Jackie Brown overall.


3. Reservoir Dogs

A brilliant debut, raw and brutal and it still holds up today. Set the tone of Tarantino’s later work except that he has never shown restraint like he does here.


4. Inglorious Bastards

It’s long.  It’s over written. But it has two of the greatest scenes in QT’s arsenal which saves the film from being a lot lower on the list.  Great cast, funny finale.


5. Death Proof

Yup hated by most , I kinda like Tarantino’s grind house entry.  It’s raw, over long (as most of his post Pulp Fiction films tend to be) but at least it felt genuine.


6. Django Unchained

Loved this on it’s release but in all honesty I’ll never watch it again.  Full of excess and flabbiness, Django is a 100 minute film stuck in the body of a 3 hour self proclaimed epic. And don’t even get me started on QT’s cameo…


7. Kill Bill Volume 2

Kill Bill Volume 1 was more fun, but I liked Tarantino’s first western more than his actual Westerns. The ending was a kick in the face to others but I liked ho wit played out.


8. Four Rooms

Directing on of the story segments (and the second best), it’s fun if totally forgettable Yet I’ve watched it much more than his later work and for the last time it showed that with restrictions Tarantino can deliver.


9. Kill Bill Volume 1

It’s fine and the action is well handled but it’s overlong and spends FAR too much time paying homage and far too less time kicking behind.


Worst : The Hateful Eight

Another film that could have been half as long and twice as good, Tarantino’s need for a strong editor and better producer are never more apparent than they are here.



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