Chernobyl (2019) – A Quick Capsule TV Review

Chernobyl (2019) – A Quick Capsule TV Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Chernobyl arrived with little fan fare or hype.  A HBO/Sky Co-production that snuck out around the time of the much more hyped final season of Game Of Thrones you’d be mistaken for almost missing it completely. That would be a major mistake. Chernobyl is bloody brilliant – a super tense, well made and compelling slice of television that is deserving of the word of mouth and hype that the show has gotten (for the record it’s currently rated on some aggregators higher than even Breaking Bad).  It also benefits from not over stretching itself… at just 5 episodes it keeps the story tight and the pace remains super intense.  Add in a host of great performances, top notch direction and a compelling story and you have 2019’s best TV show.  A must watch!

Best Bit: Episode 1 is by far one of the most intense hours of TV ever

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