Game Of Thrones: The Bells (S8E05)  – A Quick Capsule Review (Spoilers)

Game Of Thrones: The Bells (S8E05) – A Quick Capsule Review (Spoilers)

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
‘The Bells’, the penultimate were episode of Game Of Thrones ruined me.  From its crushing deaths (quite literally as it happens) to its shocking, brutal assault on Kings Landing… it was a super intense episode that highlighted both the best and the worst of Thrones season 8.   Let’s start with the best: this was a real tour deforce of direction.  Intimate, intense and visceral it had me shouting out loud and holding my breathe equally.  Seeing Jon realise that his troops and armies were no better than the Lannister’s or others was powerful stuff.  Also the Hound/Mountain fight was everything we wanted and more.  Worst? Well its speeded up storytelling makes certain choices harder to swallow – Daenerys for one.  I see why, I understand it but I just haven’t had enough time to buy it.  Also lets be honest whilst I get the air of poetry having Jamie/Cersei killed by rubble was a little unsatisfactory.  Gripes aside on an episode to episode basis this is thrilling, satisfying stuff.  Just one to go then…

Death Toll: Urm… millions?

Worth The Wait: HELL YES

Best Bit: The mad queen… 


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