Game Of Thrones: Winterfell (S8E01)  – A Quick Capsule Review

Game Of Thrones: Winterfell (S8E01) – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
So after nearly 20 months Game Of Thrones is back.  A new, more intimate version of the title sequence welcomes in what was a much more intimate episode of the show.  Yup no war just yet (but a superb hint at what COULD be coming) but instead the show-runners deftly move the final chess pieces into position for what promises to be an epic finale.  And trailer fans – a hell of a lot of what we saw in the trailers came from this early episode meaning it’s fair game on pretty much any of our beloved characters.  We get armies arriving, Euron Greyjoy being Euron Greyjoy, many long awaited reunions (Arya/Jon, Arya/Hound, Arya/Gendry), get hints of what’s round the corner (Hint: War, Death, Snow) and finally Jon finds out he’s sleeping with his Auntie.  Awkward.

Death Toll: 1 (Well probably more but one for sure) 

Worth The Wait: Yes

Best Bit: Flying Dragons


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