Game Of Thrones: The Long Night (S8E03)  – A Quick Capsule Review (Spoilers)

Game Of Thrones: The Long Night (S8E03) – A Quick Capsule Review (Spoilers)

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Welcome to one of the best hours of television I’ve ever watched.  From the opening charge and then haunting silence of the Dothraki to the epic and surprising fall of the Night King, this episode delivered tension, drama, spectacle, loss and a battle unlike anything I have never seen on screen before.  I genuinely felt like I failed to breathe for the hour and thirty minute run time, with fingernails dug firmly into my hand.  It was just epic.   As bodies fell (and rose and then fell again) and the situation became more hopeless, the drama and sense of hopelessness increased to an almost unbearable level.  I audibly called out ‘Fuck’ and ‘Holy shit’ more than once and was firmly swept up in the total awesomeness of the episode.   If I HAD to pick a fault it’s that no ‘A’ level character died here.  Yes we lost Jorah, Theon and a few others.  But Part of me thought that at least ONE of the major characters should have fallen here. Oh and whilst dark does equal atmospheric at times it was almost too dark.  But hell who really cares when it is THIS epic.   Just amazing.

Death Toll: Urm… thousands upon thousands

Worth The Wait: HELL YES

Best Bit: Dothraki charge


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