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Those We Lost… 2018 In Memoriam

In memoriam.  2018 continued deaths relentless march through the great and good of Hollywood.  Here’s a selection of those who passed in 2018 whose deaths will be felt within them film library of Phil’s Quick Capsule Review…

(Apologies for any one we have missed out)


Nicolas Roeg

William Goldman

Stan Lee

John Mahoney

Burt Reynolds

Fenella Fielding

David Ogden Stiers

Emma Chambers

Frank Doubleday

James Karen

R Lee Ermey

Margot Kidder

Aretha Franklin

Connie Sawyer

Reg E. Cathey

Mickey Jones

Steven Bochco

Verne Troyer

Milos Forman

Leslie Grantham

Scott Wilson


Rest In Peace and may your considerable legacy’s live on.


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Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

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