Phil's Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review & Friends: The 25 Must See Films Of 2018

So this is it… Phil’s Quick Capsule Review & Guests (including podcasters Mike Parkin & Josh Morris, Filmmaker Ross Boyask and Phil’s Quick Capsule Review writers Will Strong & Matt Duddy) LONG list of the 25 must see films of 2018

This list will also form the basis of our vote for the Essential Films of 2018.

So how many have YOU seen?


The Shape Of Water
A Quiet Place
Avengers Infinity War
A Star Is Born
Incredibles 2
I Tonya
Mission Impossible: Fallout
My Generation
12 Strong
Mamma Mia 2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Operation: Red Sea
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Sorry To Bother You
Bohemian Rhapsody
Summer of ‘84
Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind


Check back in the next few days for our final list or take the QUIZ HERE  to see how many you have seen!

Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden is the former Film Editor & Writer for renowned martial arts focused COMBAT MAGAZINE in the UK. He is also a filmmaker in his own right, having produced two cult Independent action films in LEFT FOR DEAD and TEN DEAD MEN. He was the host for the award nominated Filmsploitation podcast for 4 years, currently co-hosts Ross And Phil Talk Movies and is a writer/editor for his own blog Phil's Quick Capsule Review...

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