The Predator (2018)- A Quick Capsule Review

The Predator (2018)- A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
The Predator is rubbish.  But its Saturday afternoon sitting on the sofa not doing much rubbish that is actually quite good fun while it lasts.  Okay yes so there’s obvious studio interference and the film lacks a lot of Shane Black’s usual spark (it’s also not set at Christmas usually for Black).  There’s also some issues around the side that have contributed (at least in part) to the film flopping in the cinema but and, it’s a big but,  there’s enough here to enjoy that enables you to mostly forget this.  Black’s script is witty, the cast are good and the affects  more than passable.  Predator 2 still remains the best sequel in this franchise and there’s still a much better film to be made in this world but I enjoyed The Predator for what it’s worth.

Best Bit: Predator Dogs

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