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Phil’s Top 5… Bad But Good Movies

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five. This time out: Bad But Good Movies.   For me this are films the term “So Bad They Are Good” were coined for.

Close but no cigar: Trolls 2, Almost Every Friday 13th from Part 5 onwards, Howard the Duck, Most of JCVD’s later films


5 – Grease 2
It’s no Grease that much is for sure, but you know what?  I still find myself signing along to the songs every now and then (yes I own the soundtrack!) and whilst the film lacks the charm of JT it almost makes up for it with a pre-nose job Michelle Pfeiffer and a pre Rex Manning Maxwell Caulfield.  It misses in almost every scene yet wins on charm and likability.


4 – Masters Of The Universe
Yes I know it has so little to do with the source material it’s even laughable that it’s called Masters Of The Universe but this low budget Cannon classic was a massive part of my childhood.  It’s sci-fi with guns, swords and flying things.  It’s actually brilliant. 


3 – Anaconda
Jon Voight.  The leer. (If you ever saw Film whatever it was with Barry Norman around the time this came out the running joke of the Leer was amazing). The terrible effects.  The fact it got a mainstream cinema release.  Anaconda was a film years ahead of its time (see Sharknado!).


2 – Tank Girl
Tank Girl was a rock ‘n roll cluster fuck of a film. It was disjointed, had a 5 min song and dance routine in the middle and almost killed the careers of everyone in it. Yet… in it’s own way it almost perfectly encapsulated the manic low brow source material and was the first (and I think last) film to reduce me to tears on the floor of a cinema.


1 – Showgirls
I bloody love Showgirls. Not for the smut but just for how god damn terrible it is.  The script, the acting, THIS scene (see below – the most amazingly bad sex scene ever) it just oozes horribleness. Yet few films have made me smile or caused me so much (unintentional) joy.  Showgirls is the best spoof ever.  Simple as that.







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Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

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