Empire Records – The Education Of Josh Quick Review

Empire Records – The Education Of Josh Quick Review

To accompany each Episode of The Education of Josh, Phil will post HIS review of the movie under Josh’s spotlight – This time out: Empire Records

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Empire Records is a mess.  I mean the story makes no sense, it’s like a selection of skits put together and the cast never seem to act in a way that feels real.  Yet… for me Empire Records is up there with the bet coming of age films of any decade and fully deserves it’s cult status.  Why? Because it’s just so much fun and packs a bucket load of heart in between the music, story beats and characters.  And man those characters.  They connect with you, with your life, with your childhood.  It’s very much a film of it’s time fo sure but truly I believe that Empire Records deserves to be enjoyed and demands to be watched.

Best Bit: Sugar High

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy (original cut preferably)

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