2: Top Gun (1986) – Phil’s Top 10 Films

2: Top Gun (1986) – Phil’s Top 10 Films

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Top Gun is everything you want in a film.  It’s quotable, it’s funny, it has the best aerial action sequences ever shot in a film and has a soundtrack that still get’s played almost weekly in my house.  It’s also, in it’s own way, pretty ground breaking.  Yes it’s become a film of much discussion over the years (think Tarantino Top Gun Gay rant)  but none of this matters when you have a film that’s so full of iconic moments. Top Gun is of it’s day for sure but this is the film that launched careers (director Tony Scott, Cruise, Kilmer), helped Bruckheimer establish himself as an action producer de jour and made a bucket load of money to boot.  I adore this movie and wont hear a bad thing about it… so walk away now.  Go on.  You’ve obviously lost that love and feeling…

Best Bit: The final battle

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy

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