Avengers Week: Spider-Man Homecoming – A Quick Capsule Review

Avengers Week: Spider-Man Homecoming – A Quick Capsule Review

With Avengers: Infinity War opening this week, Phil’s Quick Capsule Review will be rerunning the reviews of some of our favourite Marvel Films! 


Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Marvel’s Spider-man works.  Be it the excellent Tom Holland, one of the MCU’s best bad guys in Michael Keaton’s Vulture or even the appearances by Robert Downey Jnr & Jon Favreau as Iron Man & Happy, Marvel have finally nailed the web slinger.  Gone are the memories of the lack lustre “Amazing Spider-man” films or emo dancing of Spider-man 3, in is real heart and soul, a witty script and an actor who actually looks like he should be at school.  It even gets around the tricky last act with a few killer story developments. Time will tell how good this will be on second viewing but for now Marvel have done a top job.  Oh and REALLY stick around of the end credits… this one’s worth it


Best Bit: End titles


Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy


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Author: Phil Hobden

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