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Phil’s Top 5… Films featuring Al Leong

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out:  Films featuring the legendary martial artist, stunt man and henchman Al Leong…


Close but no cigar: Action Jackson, Deadly Target, Dark Angel, Steel Justice

5 – Big Trouble In Little China
Okay so he’s only in it very briefly but Big Trouble In Little China should be on any list it can be squeezed on.


4 – Rapid Fire
A little remembered but damn fun action film featuring the late Brandon Lee. And of course Al Leong.


3 – Die Hard
Henchman. Machine gunner. Bruce Willis victim.

2 – Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure
Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure sees Leong play Genghis Khan in what is one of his most featured roles. 


1 – Lethal Weapon
One of the best Al Leong performances as he electrocutes Riggs in the extended middle torture sequence. Dies. Obviously.



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Phil Hobden
Phil Hobden is the former Film Editor & Writer for renowned martial arts focused COMBAT MAGAZINE in the UK. He is also a filmmaker in his own right, having produced two cult Independent action films in LEFT FOR DEAD and TEN DEAD MEN. He was the host for the Filmsploitation podcast for 4 years and now writes and edits for his own site Phil's Quick Capsule Review...
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