Grosse Point Geek – 15:17 to Paris

Grosse Point Geek – 15:17 to Paris

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Principal Cast: Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos

Plot Summary

The true story of the three Americans who thwarted the infamous terrorist attack on a Paris bound passenger train in 2015. Unusually all three are played by the three real life heroes who risked their lives that day.

Nutshell Review

The Good: Initially the film starts out well enough and the characters look interesting, plus the reenactment of the terrorist train attack is very exciting.

The bad: Eastwood’s direction is pedestrian at best, the story leading up to the attack is pointless, slow and very uninteresting plus the script is appalling, and most of all the casting of Stone, Sadler and Skarlatos as themselves is a catastrophic misstep of gargantuan proportions. To be fair its obvious they are trying their best and giving it their all throughout, but the simple fact of the matter is that they are not actors and the film suffers badly as a result.

Review Summary: Whilst i am in no way trying to take anything away from what these three extremely brave lads did that day, there simply isn’t enough meat on the bones here for a full blown feature film and an accomplished filmmaker like Eastwood should have realised this before going ahead.

Best Scene: The climatic terrorist attack.

Worth Paying to see at the cinema?: Maybe

Worth buying on Blu Ray/DVD?: No

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Author: Will Strong aka Grosse Point Geek


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