Will’s (Grosse Point Geek) Top 5… Star Wars Characters

Will’s (Grosse Point Geek) Top 5… Star Wars Characters

This week our very own Grosse Point Geek Phil takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Top 5 Star Wars Characters


5 – Yoda
Funny, sad, poetic,inscrutable –  the list is endless –  probably the most brilliantly written character in the Star Wars universe, combined with astounding puppet work and Frank Oz’s amazing vocal performance – words fail me, just incredible.


4 – Boba Fett
He has barely five minutes of screen time across two films (Empire and Jedi) but God almighty he is just so cool.

3 – Darth Vader
Basically the greatest villain in film history.

2 – R2D2
Very funny and endlessly endearing – plus Han, Luke, Leia and the rest would all be stone dead without him.

1 – Han Solo
Scoundrel, smuggler, rogue, gets the girl, bags all the best one liners and owns the coolest spaceship in the galaxy -lets face it lads we all wanted to be this guy.




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