Podcast: The Smoking Lamb #081 – Wonder

Podcast: The Smoking Lamb #081 – Wonder

It’s The Smoking Lamb Movie Podcast. A weekly, no-holds-baa-aa-arred, and R-rated look at the world of movies.

On this episode: With Josh still in denial that it’s Wintertime, Mike and Steve are left holding the baby once more. And what a week – a real test to their integrity as film reviewers, as thanks to the schedule left by Josh they were faced with what sounded like a really mawkish, saccharine saturated feelgood/tearjerker (it could have gone either way from the promos). And yes, they did watch it, and you can hear exactly what we thought of the film on the podcast! Not only that but there is the usual News Round-up, In our Educating… section Steve lets us know whether the Gene Wilder/Richard Prior comedy STIR CRAZY has stood the test of time, and our Top 5 this week is about films set in school.


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