Phil’s Top 5… DC Live Action Superhero Films

Phil’s Top 5… DC Live Action Superhero Films

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: DC’s Live Action Superhero Films


Close but no cigar: Batman The Movie, Batman, Wonder Woman

5 –  Superman
It’s aged badly for sure but Christopher Reeve is just the quintessential superhero in an age where superhero didn’t exist.  And don’t undersell how much Reeve MAKES this film.

4 – Batman Begins
Another Batman, but unlike any other origin movie Batman Begins takes the character right back to the start  in a brilliant way.

3 – Superman 2
Superman 2 is great.  It mostly holds up well, it’s got greta villains and the central relationship between Clark and Lois holds the film together well.

2 – Batman Returns
Controversial maybe but for me the second best Batman film and the BEST of the two Tim Burton films.  Its dark, brutal and unlike any other film produced in that era.  Mainstream comic book films will NEVER be like this again.

1 – The Dark Knight
The best film of the 2000’s with an iconic performance by Ledger, a cracking story and a “real world” fee that recent DC films have lacked.  In short: The Dark Knight Rises is near perfect



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