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Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review Round Up

Want to know what all the influential news sources think of the latest hot release?  Well look no further as we round up the reviews from 5 of the most influential sources for the latest BIG RELEASE movie.


Overall Critics Say


Kingsman: The Golden Circle is as cheeky, cartoonish, and crazy as its predecessor, but it’s also commendably unafraid to demolish what had come before it if it’s in service of the story.”- 8.5


” The Golden Circle often feels precisely tailored when it should’ve been cut a little looser. ” – 3/5



” As ultraviolent as the first film, and as ultrasmutty, The Golden Circle will leave the Kingsfans grinning, even if its characters have less growing to do this time around.” – 4/5



“t’s not like anyone has ever accused James Bond of being realistic, but the “Kingsman” series has gotten so outlandish that “Moonraker” suddenly looks plausible by comparison.”


” The Golden Circle provides another slice of original insanity, peppered with colourful characters, great performances and yet another soundtrack to purchase.” -3/5



Full credit to original sources.  Links to websites provided. 

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