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Phil’s Top 5… Changes George Lucas Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: we take a look at the BEST changes George Lucas Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy.  Yes there were some!


Close but no cigar: Storm Trooper Bumping His Head (Added Sound FX), Jabba The Hutt’s Door (MUCH Bigger), Biggs (an actual character this time)


5 – Cloud City – Empire Strikes Back
In the enhanced editions, Cloud City looks like a city with enhanced backgrounds, digital mattes and more.


4 – Lightsabers – A New Hope
Subtle changes yes but this gave the lighsabers more heft and brought them inline with the latter films.3 – The Galaxy celebrates – Return Of The Jedi


3 – The Galaxy celebrates – Return Of The Jedi
Whilst I always loved THAT song, the scene felt a little low key for what was the end of the Empire.  The new scenes give a much bigger feel of scope.


2 – Ian McDiarmid as The Emperor – Empire Strikes Back
The original Emperor looked less than impressive and using McDiarmid ties Empire in with the prequels and Return Of The Jedi.


1 – FX Enhancements
See the Jawa’s sand crawler in A New Hope, the removed Matt lines in Empire Strikes Back, the X-Wings in A New Hope… these subtle changes show us the BEST of the technology on offer and how it can help to improve older films.



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