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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Aka Lock, Stock And One Smoking Jude Law.  A hot mess of a film for sure, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword ranges from nearly brilliant to boring, often in the same sequence.  It’s what happens when you cross Lock Stock, Assassins Creed, Game Of Thrones, Excalibur, Lord Of The Rings and some insane fever dream.  It’s a loud, messy, confused film that at times manages to feel rushed yet drags often enough to have me checking my watch more than a few times.  The cast are odd- Charlie Hunnam (who was great in TV’s Sons Of Anarchy) isn’t strong enough to save what at times is a terrible script and often looks a bit embarrassed, whilst Law needed to dial it up a bit.  Richie is having fun (at least someone is)  and the soundtrack is a highlight but I can’t help feel that there was a really good idea here that could have done with a far better script to make it work.  So a failure for sure but one not without it’s moments…

Best Bit: Mastering the sword…

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