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Guest Review: Matt Duddy Reviews ‘We Still Steal The Old Way’

The follow up to 2014’s rather enjoyable We Still Kill the Old Way where retired gentlemen gangsters taught a lesson to today’s young urban hoodies sees the newly reunited Archer Gang pull off an audacious robbery only to be caught red handed.

Once the trio are on remand, everything becomes clear; the robbery was an elaborate ploy to get sent to prison to help break out George Briggs (Patrick Bergin) an old friend of Ian Ogilvy’s Richie Archer. Things suddenly take a turn for the worse when old foe Vic Morrow (Billy Murray) gets transferred to the same prison and has a 30 year old score to settle with the Archer Gang.

The film should have been titled We Still Escape the Old Way as essentially it is a prison break film with a robbery bookending the main plot. Much like the first film, Ian Ogilvy shines as Richie amiably supported by the scene stealing Chris Ellison and Tony Denham who all have some wonderful rapport especially when referencing age and ailments. My only gripe is that Billy Murray did not seem very menacing and Vas Blackwood was criminally (excuse the pun) underused.

The first film worked as viewers enjoyed seeing gangsters of a pensionable age take on a much younger menace on the streets of London and teach them a lesson, the sequel is slower paced and may struggle to find an audience that wants to watch people in their 70’s square up against each other, reminisce about how tough they were decades ago and then escape from prison.

If you enjoyed the first film, this is a decent companion piece, let’s hope the upcoming third film in the series We Still Kill Steal Die the Old Way takes heed of the flaws of the second film.


Author: Matt Duddy


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