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Phil’s Top 5… Bond Films

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: Bond Films!


Close but no cigar: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Goldeneye, Dr No


5 – Live & let Die
Far from the late camp of Roger Moore’s era, Live & Let Die is dark and mysterious in places and showed that the producers had finally found a Bond worthy of stepping in to Connery’s shoes.  Shame it all ended in Safari suits and Grace Jones…


4 – Casino Royale
Black & white, flash backs, an early pre 007 Bond? Casino Royale took the play book and threw it out.  And damn was it all the better for it.  Consigning the cheese of Brosnan’s later films to history, Casino Royale gave us a Bond film for the 2000’s with a more physical 007 and a more grounded story.


3 – License To Kill
Dalton’s two films are much maligned by many but Licence To Kill takes the concept of Bond gone rogue and runs with it.  Darker (it starts with Felix getting eaten by  shark), deadlier and relentless it was the first Bond film to feature Bond getting bloo-y. Awesome villain also.


2 – Goldfinger
Goldfinger is the prototypical Bond film.  It set the template for all those that followed and cemented Connery and Bond as icons.  It gave us Bassey, P-ssy Galore and Q’s OTT gadgets.  Bond would never be the same…


1 – Skyfall
Skyfall is the perfect Bond film that manages to grow the character of Bond whilst building on the elements we know and love.  So it has gadgets, some top notch action sequences and a camp bad guy.  But it also has heart, charm and reverence to what has gone before.



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