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Phil’s Top 5… Moments from the Star Wars Prequels

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: The BEST Moments from the Star Wars Prequels .

Look we all know that, in hindsight, the Prequels were rubbish.  But even bad films have good points and to be fair the prequels does have a few.  So here are my five favourite things from these much (fairly) maligned movies.


Close but no cigar: Mace Windu, The Story of Darth Plagueis, Battle For Genosis, Darth Maul


5 – John Williams Music
Rogue One Shows that a Star Wars without Williams epic and iconic score leaves you wanting and in truth his work is showcased brilliantly throughout this trilogy.  Once again Williams enhances the source material.

4 – The Clones Wars TV Show
Okay so this is a BIT of a cheat BUT Without The Star Wars prequels we’d never have The Clone Wars and latterly Star Wars Rebels and the world would be a much lesser place (okay the World of Star Wars but still…).  Expertly fills in the gaps between the second and third prequels.

3 – Order 66
The Clones finally turn on their masters with dramatic and deadly effect.  One of the darkest moments of the whole franchise, with Order 66 the Emperors dramatic plan comes to fruition quickly followed by Anakin’s brutal slaying of the Jedi children.   It’s not perfect (The Jedi mostly go out like punks) but it starts a brutal chain of events… 

2 – The Pod Race
Lucas never captured the raw excitement often original Star Wars films better than he did here.  Okay so maybe it’s a bit long BUT it’s a great race sequence, full of drama and storytelling.

1 – Duel Of The Fates
THAT piece of music combined with maybe the most dynamic and dramatic lightsaber fight in all Star Wars films make studios THE stand out sequence in the prequel trilogy.



Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

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