Phil’s Top 5… Films of ALL Time!

Phil’s Top 5… Films of ALL Time!

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out:My 5 Favourite Films of ALL Time!


Close but no cigar: Star Wars, Goonies, Die Hard, Cannonball Run, Godfather part 2, Double Indemnity, The Great Escape, Pulp Fiction


5 – Point Break
Simply put one of the best pure action films of all time, Point Break does EVERYTHING right from it’s tight direction, superb central performances and groundbreaking action sequences.  Today it holds up as though it was released yesterday and how can you argue with a film that has half the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in it?


4 – Aliens
The sentry guns.  Hicks. Hudson. The loader. The proximity alerts. Aliens.  LOTs of Aliens. Aliens is just as near perfect as a movie can be and still today is a thrill ride few have topped.


3 – Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars at it’s best.  No scrub that science fiction at it’s best.  Simples.


2 – Top Gun
Everyone has one.  A film they put in their top ten few others would dare.  Yes for me that’s Top Gun.  Look I know right?  Everything you are going to say against it.  BUT for me, growing up, this film was perfect and the soundtrack still plays in my car today.  Perfect through imperfections.


1 – Goodfellas
Scorsese delivers what is THE best Gangster/Mob film ever made with an Oscar winning performance from Joe Pesci, a career best from Ray Liotta and a film that was so good the Oscars ignored it and gave the direction statue to Kevin Costner (a sign of true greatness).  Steadycams, Stones and drugs.  Goodfellas is perfect.


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