Best Film of 2016: The Nice Guys

Best Film of 2016: The Nice Guys

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
So most people would have seen a Shane Black film and probably never realised it.  A writer (and occasional bad joke teller is Arnie films) and then director, he’s not a house hold name.   But a few of us… well we’ve been all in from the start.  From lethal Weapon to The Last Boy Scout, Black’s films (as writer then latterly as a director) have uniformly been excellent, and often cornerstones to my teens.  SO I really look forward to Black’s films.  So with that much anticipation in mind I’m happy to report that  The Nice Guys does not disappoint and in fact as we stand today is probably the most enjoyable film I’ve seen in 2016 so far.  It’s bloody brilliant.  From script to direction, this film oozes cool, the kind cool that you can’t fake.  Add to that one of Russell Crowes best performances, Gosling on top form and an excellent support cast and you have a film that just delivers.

Best Bit: Gosling & Crowe

Buy, Stream, Avoid: Buy

If You Liked this Try:  Lethal Weapon, Iron man 3, The Last Boy Scout

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Author: Phil Hobden

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