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Phil’s 5 Best TV Shows of 2016

So 2016 continued the golden age of television, outstripping it’s movie counterparts and delivering more essential must see content than any other medium: even with so many great shows either ended or in their twilight years.  So here’s my run down of my 5 favourite TV show for 2016… with a few nearly rans for good measure.

(Yet to watch Narcos Season 2 or Luke Cage)



TV Show of The Year: Westworld
In Brief: With a Nolan attached, THAT Cast and all the money HBO could throw at it Westworld could still have been a catastrophic flop BUT it wasn’t.  In fact it was revolutionary.  Yes Westworld is THAT good. From it’s complex plotting to it’s cinematic visuals, Westworld was a remake done right.  It’s just a sham we have to wait until 2018 to get the next part of the story…

2. Stranger Things
In Brief: Every so often a show or film comes from nowhere and captures the imagination of a generation, becoming a cultural phenomena along the way.  Stranger Things was THAT show.  The Spielberg/ Carpenter influenced style reminded everyone who lived through the 80’s how good the decade was (and how ripe it is for material like this), whilst the narrative, effects and performances kept people coming back for more.  With Season 2 production started, the Duffer’s have a mountain to climb to reach these heights again.

3. Game Of Thrones
In Brief: Once again hitting the Top 5, Thrones continues to be one of the best things on TV and season 6 was a real highlight.  From the reuniting of certain siblings, to the death of one of the most hated characters in the show Thrones stepped outside the constraints of its source material, picked up the pace, delivered several WFT moments and gave us a view on the future to come.  In short: Winter is coming.  And so are Dragons

4. The People Vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story
In Brief:Who saw that coming?  A TV recreation of one of America’s most infamous trials starring a forgotten DTV Oscar winner alongside John Travolta and Ross from Friends, from the guy who made American Horror Story?  It couldn’t work.  But it did.  In spades.  And man was it good, delivering one of the best episodes of TV in 2016.   Gooding Jnr delivered as the narcissistic OJ but it was Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark that stole the show.   If you missed it then you missed out for sure.

5. Silicon Valley
In Brief: Into it’s third year, Mike Judge’s tech comedy delivered it’s most constant and entertaining year to date.  Yes it’s throw away stuff but it’s damn funny with it.  It’s also sharp as a tack satire on the stupidity and excess of the Tech hub of the world with a convincing cast and cracking scripts.


Bubbling under:
Jessica Jones
 (another high quality Netflix/ Marvel TV show), High Maintenance (as surreal as comedy gets), Vice Principals (biting dark comedy), Veep (continued to graft another strong year),  The Night Of (Started well, dropped of a bit by the end), Better Call Saul (even stronger than last year), The Flash (ended season 2 strong and began Season 3 with a bang), Ash Vs The Evil Dead (still delivering)



Miss of the year: The Walking Dead

In Brief: It wasn’t a BIG miss but the let down of Season 6’s ending (yes THAT cliff-hanger) after the Glenn fake out followed by a mostly lacklustre Season 7 so far has, for the first time, left me loosing a little interest in Rick and his crew.  The show is far from done for sure and there are still some great ideas and moments (Negan when used correctly is awesome) in it but overall it’s lost something this year and could be the sign that the shows lack of end game is starting to bite them. 

Phil Hobden

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