Phil’s Top 5… Video Nasties

Phil’s Top 5… Video Nasties

Each week Phil, from Phil’s Quick Capsule Review, takes a look at a different movie or TV related Top Five.  This time out: we take a look at the infamous video nasties of the 80’s – the 74 or so banned films by the BBFC ranging from the iconic to the toilet.

Close but no cigar: The Burning, I Spit On Your Grave, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Tenebrae, Driller Killer, Last House On The left

5 – The Beyond
Lucio Fulci Zombie film with a plot “borrowed” from Micheal Winners “The Sentinel” cemented his position as the king of the video nasties. It’s original release had suffered 9 cuts totalling 1:39s.  Released uncut in 2001. 

4 – Faces Of Death
Yes it’s terrible. But Faces Of Death and its is it/isn’t it real documentary video footage set a bench mark of the kind of OTT exploration rubbish that would become legendary when, in reality, it should probably have been forgotten. Cut initially by 35 minutes on it’s UK release, it’s still unavailable uncut.

3 – Zombie Flesh Eaters
The eye!  Yes another Fulci Zombie film, this time a kinda sequel to Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead was marketed as ‘Zombie 2’ (DOTD was called ‘Zombie’ in some countries) in some countries.  Heavily edited by almost 2 minutes in the UK on it’s cinema release, the film was finally released uncut in 2012.

2 – Cannibal Holocaust
Ruggero Deadato Cannibal film became legend with it’s close to the mark featuring gratuitous GENUINE animal butchery that saw the filmmaker in court.  Over 7 minutes were trimmed initially and the film is still unavailable uncut in the UK (although a almost uncut version can be purchased)

1 – The Evil Dead
Yes Sam Rami’s The Evil Dead was a ‘banned movie’ back in the day, even though compared to many on this list it was pretty tame.  It was cut by other 1min 30 secs on it’s initial releases finally seeing an uncut release in the UK in 2001.



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