Blog: All Things Film – San Andreas (2015) Reviewed

Blog: All Things Film – San Andreas (2015) Reviewed

Ray is a helicopter rescue pilot in LA, and his soon-to-be ex wife is about to marry a mega-rich architect and take their teenage daughter with her. This can only mean one thing; a very big earthquake is about to hit LA, to allow The Rock and his new nemesis to thrash things out like men.

I saw this is bog-standard 2D but I guess there’s always the possibility that the 3D version reveals the plot mechanics you can hear grinding and churning, driving what thin plot there is behind all the mayhem. And if it’s mayhem you want, then it’s mayhem you shall have; shit gets torn up, spat out and drizzled down big time in San Andreas. As reticent as I am to review the special effects in a multi-million dollar budget special effects bonanza, I have to remark on how grand and impressive it all looks. The sound design is of blatantly obvious high quality, and by the time you walk out you’ll be glad you live in the UK, where the eventuality of an earthquake this big is as likely as having Michael Bay direct Dwayne Johnson’s scene where he’s on the phone to his daughter to ‘get behind something sturdy’ without an hint of perverse irony.

The director this time is Brad Peyton, and I guess it’s fair to say that the studio wouldn’t allow him to concern himself too much with the over familiar plot, or the cracking great big chasm-sized plot holes that pervade this devastating romp-fest.

In fact, Peyton is clearly so new to the grand scale blockbuster, that the Earthquake him/herself is clearly a character with a sense of humour in mind, and has probably seen a dozen more disaster movies than its director. It successfully manages to clock a minority Asian as its first kill, and routinely dispatches all of the the nearly-bad guys. Where the Earthquake hand-of-God really gets noticeable is whenever the wife, daughter, or soon-to-be boyfriend and little brother are in some really serious shit, like dangling off a precipice, or about to endure the umpteenth gush of tsunami ripple; allowing The Rock and/or his wife to just about rescue them in time.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, then don’t waste any time – go and see it. It’s the archetypal blockbuster flashing light extravaganza you’ve been pining for since the marginal let-down that was Mad Max Furiousa 7 Road.


Author: Andrew Mackay


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