Blog: Hercules – A Quick Capsule Review

Blog: Hercules – A Quick Capsule Review

Phil’s Quick Capsule Review:
Okay this is a surprise.  Not only was Brett Ratner’s latest film not terrible, it’s actually really quite good.  In large part that goes to the performances of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and a support cast which includes Ian McShane, John Hurt, Peter Mullan and Rufus Sewell, all on top form obviously having a hoot.  But actually in part it goes to ratner as well – directing action that is watchable, exciting and edited in such a way you can completely follow what’s happening.  An interesting story, some great set pieces and eye candy for both sexes makes this a seriously entertaining film.  No really.

Best Bit: Ian McShane is bonkers

Buy, Rent, Stream, Borrow: Rent

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Author: Phil Hobden

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