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Big screen adaptation of the 1980’s TV series which featured Blighty’s own Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, a former CIA/Special forces type who righted various wrongs, defended the helpless and kicked all kinds of arse in the process.

In Antoine Fuqua’s updated film version we instead have good old Denzel Washington as McCall  – a quiet unassuming guy who works in a local DIY store by day and reads classic novels in his favouritediner by night. That is until a local prostitute he has befriended (Moretz) is brutally beaten up by her pimps and McCall  vows revenge and ends up killing them all in the process. This turns out to be a major mistake as said pimps turn out to be heavily connected to the Russian mob who send over their best enforcer (Czorkas) to go after McCall.

Featuring another solid turn from Washington, The Equaliser is good old fashioned entertainment, very well made and at times extremely violent. The only issue i had with it was that it was a bit too similar to Man On Fire  -which also starred Denzel as a former government operative, with a penchant for torturing then offing all manner of bad guys. Now despite the fact that he’s a damn fine actor and always good value – Washington really does need to expand his repertoire a bit more, but then again when he’s making films as entertaining as this who the hell cares!

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7 out of 10 stars

Author: Will Strong 


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