Blog: Grosse Point Geek – The Top Ten Most Under Appreciated Movie Villains

Blog: Grosse Point Geek – The Top Ten Most Under Appreciated Movie Villains

When I think of bad guy’s in films  – a huge list of well known motley criminals springs to mind – notable examples would include: Palpatine, Zod, Khan, Loki, Vader, The Joker etc.

However  there are a great number of film nasties out there that  almost never get mentioned in any top ten list  – so to put right this extreme injustice , I have compiled the following list of the top ten most under appreciated  movie villains.

Read on:

* * * * *


1.The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Villain: Milo

Played by: Taylor Negron

Memorable one liner “I am the bad guy”

Evil doings: Swearing a lot, kidnap, threatening various sportsmen, opening fire on an entire football crowd, being very smug, having a bad hair cut.

Comeuppance: Smacked about  by Bruce Willis, shot multiple times with a machine gun, then falls into the rotor blades of a nearby helicopter.

Deserving of Fate: Absolutely

 * * * * *

2.Dune (1984)

Villain: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Played by: Kenneth McMillan

Memorable one liner: “just a little bit of spittle”

Evil doings: Trying to take over the galaxy, being a bit too turned on when murdering innocent looking young men, spitting on Francesca Annis, having horrible pustule ridden skin, drooling, manically laughing a lot.

Comeuppance: Stabbed by Paul Antredes’ weird sister with a poisoned  needle

Deserving of Fate? Yep – but should have suffered a damn sight more.

* * * * *


3.The Empire Strikes Back (1981) and Return of The Jedi (1983)

Villain: Boba Fett

Played By: Jeremy Bulloch

Memorable one liner: “What if he dies? – he’s worth a lot to me”

Evil doings: Being a ruthless bounty hunter, bottomless greed, standing by whilst Han Solo is encased in carbonite, having a spaceship that looks like a flying steam iron.

Comeuppance? Falls screaming into the gaping maw of the Sarlaac on Tattooine

Deserving of fate? Don’t be ridiculous! – Fett is one of the coolest  characters in the entire trilogy –rightly should have lived or at least had a lot more screen time!.

* * * * *

4. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984)

Villain: Mola Ram

Played By: Amrish Puri

Memorable one liner “You- don’t -believe me? You will….Dr Jones – you will become a true Believerrrrr”

Evil doings: Human sacrifice, ripping out peoples hearts, worshipping Kali, slavery, cackling, extremely poor workplace health and safety.

Fate? Beaten to a pulp by Harrison Ford, then plummets to his doom and devoured by hungry crocodiles.

Did he deserve it? Certainly

* * * * *


5. Missing In Action 2: The Beginning (1985)

Villain: Colonel Yin

Played By: Soon Tek Oh

Evil doings: Torture, murder, running a Vietnamese POW camp with little or no  regard for his guests personal hygiene.

Memorable one liner: “You lose”

Fate: Given a right shoeing by Chuck Norris.

Did he deserve it? Come on – he’s a villain in a Chuck Norris film – they all deserve it!

* * * * *

6: Commando  (1985)

Villain: Bennett

Played By: Vernon Wells

Evil doings: Child kidnap, killing off various ex special forces guys, bad acting, being a bit camp by wearing both leather trousers and chainmail.

Memorable one liner: “You know what today is Matrix?………..Payday”

Fate: Skewered with a steam pipe by Arnie

Did he deserve it? Yes and no  – his motivation for evil seems to stem from the fact that Schwarzenegger’s John Matrix unjustly kicked him out of his elite special forces unit –as everyone is aware – unemployment can be a right pain if you’ve got bills to pay.


* * * * *


7: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Villains: Zed and Maynard

Played by Peter Greene and Duane Whittaker

Evil Doings: Male Rape, kidnap, extreme perversion, liking country music.

Memorable one liners: “I guess that means you big boy”

Fate: Maynard is sliced across the chest then impaled by a samurai sword wielding Bruce Willis. However the fate of Zed is unclear – although the threat from Ving Rhames’ Marcellus Wallace to “get medieval” on him using a pair of pliars and a blowtorch speaksvolumes.

Did they deserve it? Dear God yes
* * * * *

8. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King

Villain: The Witch King Of Angmar

Played by Laurence Makoare

Evil Doings: Mercilessly try’s to kill Frodo on Weathertop, then goes about attempting to enslave the whole of Middle  Earth for Sauron.

Memorable one liners: ”Feed on his flesh!”

Fate: Stabbed in the leg by Merry, then takes a well placed sword to the face from Eowyn – then disintegrates.

Did he deserve it? Without doubt
* * * * *

9. Rocky 3

Villain: Clubber Lang

Played by Mr T

Evil Doings: making ungentlemanly suggestions to Rocky’s wife, publically threatening Apollo Creed (“hey boy!”),  throwing Rocky the beating of his life, giving Mickey a fatal heart attack, having dangling feather earrings.

Memorable one liners: “no I don’t hate the man – but I pity the fool”

Fate: Knocked out by Rocky in the films climactic boxing bout

Did he deserve it: Yes – a lot.

* * * * *


10.Film: Escape To Victory

Villain: The Match Referee

Played By: unknown, unlisted actor.

Memorable one liner: none – unless you count any pathetic off camera excuses for disallowing a perfectly good goal by the allies that would have won them the game – sound familiar?

Evil doings: Blatantly being biased towards the Nazi team, ignoring obvious fouls on the opposition, awarding unjust penalties and being the inspiration for football referees the world over  – especially those who officiated over various future England World Cup games.

Comeuppance: unknown – however a one would hope that his post match reward was a trip to the nearest Nazi POW camp.

Deserving of fate? Probably


Author: Will Strong 


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