Review: Safety Not Guaranteed (DVD/BR)

Review: Safety Not Guaranteed (DVD/BR)

The Review:  A bored graduate (Aubrey Plaza) working as an intern at a magazine in Seattle, volunteers to tag along with one of its writers (Jeff Johnson) and another intern (Karan Soni) to write an investigative article on a man (Mark Duplass) who has placed an advert looking for a partner to take part in a time travel experiment.

After some initial  stalled attempts, she manages to make contact with the reclusive geek, gains his trust and embarks on a complex training programme that he insists will prepare her for their forthcoming time travel journey. Initially thinking he is a nuttier than a fruitcake, she gradually warms to him and starts to believe that he may not be the total loon she took him for after all.

Produced and  directed by Colin Trevorrow  and made on a very low budget, this is a smashing little film that rightfully deserved the numerous awards and nominations it received in 2012 at various film festivals such as Sundance. Very well acted by all concerned  – especially Plaza and Duplass, and with a sharp script by Derek Connolly, Safety Not Guaranteed is by turns oddly quirky and very touching. In fact it plays very much like the something done by the Coens or Wes Anderson by successfully managing to be funny without being stupid and clever without being pretentious. A film well worth checking out – its available on both dvd and Netflix now.

Reviewed By: Will Strong

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