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Phil’s 5 Worst Films of 2013

So here it is… my pick of the WORST films of 2013.  And man what a bunch there were to pick from this year, probably one of the worst years in film of recent memory. 

Worst Film of The Year: The Host
In Brief: Oh god.  So incompetent.  So boring. So devoid of any skill or a talent.  Yup The Host is by far the worst film of 2013 and THAT’s saying something.  Inept on every level. Yes if you hated Twilight then this is one to avoid.

2. The Worlds End
In Brief:  I loved Shaun of The Dead. I adored Hot Fuzz. Okay so I didn’t like Paul or Scott Pilgrim so maybe the bubble had already burst but for two hours I sat stoney faced, not laughing more than once. Horrid.

3. A Good Day To Die Hard
In Brief: This was neither good day or a Die Hard movie.  Watch RoboMcClane as he jumps from helicopters, baths in Nuclear water, gets shot at, jumps from buildings and rapes your memory of what a good Die Hard film looked like.

4. R.I.P.D
In Brief: You heard it was bad.  And it was.  Really bad.  Like Men In Black without the good bits.  Or Will Smith. Or even the piss poor sequels.

5. Stoker
In Brief: Yes okay so maybe I just didn’t get it but I was thoroughly bored and unmoved as Poker Face Kidman fails to emote for almost two hours whilst something happens and then… fuck it who cares.

Bubbling under: A Field In England; ABC’s Of Death; I Spit On Your Grave 2; This Is The End ; After Earth; Only God Forgives; Oz The Great & Powerful; Killing Them Softly; Broken City; Gangster Squad; Pain & Gain; Now You See Me; Elysium; Pacific Rim; The Family

Overrated Film of 2013… So Far:
 Gravity (6/10)
Yes that’s right, critic fav Gravity did little for me.  It was nice to look at but man was the story dull and the performances average.  By the end?  I just didn’t care.


Phil Hobden

Phil Hobden

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