Phil’s 5 Worst Films of 2011

Phil’s 5 Worst Films of 2011

STINKER OF THE YEAR: Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon (2/10)
In Brief: Simply put everything that is wrong with Hollywood today.  Vacuous, pointless and dull, this loud, obnoxious $250 million abortion of a movie was just dire. And yet it made lots of money,.  Go figure.

2. Sucker Punch
In Brief: Uncomfortable to watch without feeling more than a bit dirty, Sucker Punch was style over substance and ended up being just dull. One to avoid for everyone other than horney teenagers who haven’t yet discovered pornography.

3. Rubber
In Brief: If like my films off the wall. I like them mad as a box of frogs. But Rubber was just pointless, pretentious tripe.

4. Scream 4
n Brief: The shark jumped, this was a sequel that was just not needed. Most Scary thing: Courtney Cox’s botox face. Nasty.

5. Season of The Witch
In Brief: Nick Cage makes another stinker and drags Ron Pearlman with him. Just dull, dull, dull.

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